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Unusual facts to share

Let us have a look at these remarkable and interesting unusual facts which you will definitely share with your friends on reading.Hope you enjoy this collection of unusual facts from all possible categories.These facts are not only interesting but also educative.

1. Unusual facts related to human beings


kiss and unusual facts about kiss
The romance portrayed in this painting (Romeo and Juliet) is phenomenal.
  • When people kiss each other they exchange approximately 10 million to 1 billion bacteria.
  • I don’t know whether those beauty creams would help you preventing the development of wrinkles or not.But kissing would for sure help you in preventing wrinkles as it puts in 29 facial muscles in motion.People who kiss daily would live for 5 more years than the normal life time.
  • Approximately 90% of people kiss and we all know why. If you are reading this and do not know why, stop reading articles and kiss someone.
  • The film with the most number of  kisses is Don Juan (1926) in which John Barrymore and Mary Astor share 127 kisses.

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  • The well-known blue pill Viagra which was designed to help with erectile dysfunction, made $411 million profits within the first three months of its launch in 1998.  It is $1.8 billion in 2003.
  • Throughout the world, 21% of people report of having more than 10 sexual partners.  Conversely 25% of people report of having only one sexual partners.
  • Women are more involved in sex.  They are having sex –  17% more often than the average guy.
  • 37.5 MB of DNA information is present in a single Sperm.
  • Your Wages are effected by sex life.  People who had sex for more than 3 times a week earned significantly more than those who don’t.

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Men and Women

  • Men spend a year of their lives staring at women and spend almost six months for shaving.Smoking causes impotence in men!
  • Do you know that men were the first to wear high heels.
  • The brains of adult men are larger in total size by 10%  than the brains of women.  The reason behind this is, men generally have more muscle mass and a larger stature than women and their brains require more neurons to control their body.
  • One out of four men love to spend their loose change on Chinese takeaway.
  • We will be worried after reading this.A woman dies every 90 seconds giving birth to a child or during pregnancy.
  • We all know that women speak a lot.They speak about 20000 words every day and this number is 13000 more than the average number of words spoken by a man.
  • Except one woman of the 20 richest women in the world, all have inherited their money from either their father or their husband.
  • 47 hours and 15 minutes is the average amount of time a woman can keep a secret.
  • Women spend nearly one year of their lives on deciding what to wear and all.
  • In United Kingdom an average woman will own 111 handbags in her lifetime.
  • It is really shocking to hear that 69 is the most number of children born to one woman.

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Human Body

  • On an average we have 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts in a day.Brain uses 20 to 30% of all the calories you eat.
  • People who ride on roller coasters have a higher chance of having a blood clot in the brain.
  • Once a human reaches the age of 35, he or she will start losing approximately 7000 brain cells a day.
  • In 1965—as a 18-year-old high school student in San Diego, California—Randy Gardner stayed awake for 264 hours (eleven days), breaking the previous record of 260 hours held by Tom Rounds of Honolulu.
  • Humans can survive longer without food than they can without sleep.Scientists have not yet found why we actually need to sleep.
  • Every day, the heart creates enough energy to drive a truck 20 miles. In a lifetime, that is equivalent to driving to the moon and back.
  • Though weighing only 11 ounces on average, a healthy heart pumps 2,000 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels each day.
  • All babies are color blind when they are born.The human eye blinks an average of 4,200,000 times a year.Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing.
  • Under the right conditions, the human eye can see the light of a candle at a distance of 14 miles.
HansLangseth unusual facts
Hans Langseth, King Whiskers as he was called, who holds the record for the world’s longest beard, 18 feet 6 inches long.
  • It is unknown why people develop dandruff.A single hair can support up to 100 grams in weight and a whole head of hair could support up to 12 tonnes – the equivalent of two African elephants!
unusual facts about left handed people
Four of the five designers of the Apple’s Macintosh computer were left-handed.
  • According to studies, Left-handed people have 140 more IQ than right-handed people.  Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin are the famous left-handed people.
  • Do you know that with iron in your body you can make a metal nail which would be 3 inches long! You will be astonished to see that an adult human being is made up of 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms.

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2. Unusual facts related to Technology


  • There are more than  30 million dead people on Facebook.
  • Every day around 600,000 hacking attempts are made on Facebook accounts.
  • It is shocking to know that for unfriending someone on Facebook, few people have been murdered.
  • In U.S, one third of all divorce filings of 2011 contained the word “Facebook”.If this is the case in USA ,Indians use Facebook in a different way.Read it here – Know how Indians use Facebook when they get marriage proposals.

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Google and Android

  • Most of the people think that the name of Android’s logo character is also Android, but its not true. The actual name of Android Mascot is Bugdroid. It is not the official name but the team at Google’s office call it by this name.
  • There is a Android running device in space!! NASA equipped Floating space robots with Nexus S handsets.  These devices run on Android Gingerbread.
tweet and amazing facts and unusual facts about google
I’m feeling lucky – Google’s first tweet was in binary format and it means “I’m feeling lucky”.
  • ”Google” is added as a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary in June 2006.
  • “Don’t be evil” is the unofficial slogan of Google.Did you know that Google logo was not centered until 2001.

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Twitter and Apple Inc

  • Steve jobs sold his Volkswagen and Steve Wozniak sold his Hewlett-Packard scientific calculator to raise the capital for their new company.
  • Apple 1, Apple’s first computer did not include monitor, keyboard or case and it was an assembled circuit board.
  • Apple Inc doesn’t trust freshers, it keeps them on fake projects and put them through a rigorous testing period.  In this way it evaluates their trustworthiness.
evolution of twitter and unusual facts about Twitter
Twitter can handle more than 1.6 billion search queries per day.
  • 1 in every 13 Tweets contain a curse word.
  • Twitter was originally named as “Twttr”.
  •  (#) The hash tag feature in Twitter was proposed by a user.
  • 10 people are employed by McDonald’s to run their Twitter account.

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