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Amazing Facts

Amazing facts about Barbie doll

first barbie doll facts

Before jumping into amazing facts about Barbie doll, let me quickly share the historical Barbie doll facts.The beautiful Barbie doll has evolved from time to time and had over 150 inspirational careers. It is no …

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Interesting facts about the world

interesting facts about the world

I have to agree to the fact that we cannot accommodate all the interesting facts about the world into a single article.I will not bore you by writing an extensive article with too many facts.I …

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Unusual facts to share

evolution of twitter

Let us have a look at these remarkable and interesting unusual facts which you will definitely share with your friends on reading.Hope you enjoy this collection of unusual facts from all possible categories.These facts are …

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Amazing Facts from all categories

amazing facts and psy

This article is a sincere attempt to group awesome and amazing facts from all possible categories which include technology, websites, human body, animals and birds,nature and planets,countries etc., I am pretty confident that you will …

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10 Interesting Facts about Plastic Surgery

facts about plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a medical practice used to improve the aesthetic features of the body or restoration of body parts which get damaged due to accidents. Plastic surgery includes cosmetic and non-cosmetic surgeries, reconstructive surgery, …

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Facts about World War 1

facts about world war 1

All the Facts about World War 1. 1. In World War 1 Germans were the first to use flamethrowers, these flamethrowers could fire jets of flames as far as 40 meters. 2. In World War …

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20 Facts about Sunflowers

facts about sunflowers

All facts about sunflowers : Sunflower is the only flower with flower in its name! “Helianthus” is the scientific name of Sunflower, Helia for Sun and Anthus for Flower. Sunflowers are the symbol of faith, …

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Amazing Facts about Smoking

facts about smoking

Before moving into facts about smoking, please check our beautiful collection of facts from all categories which you would definitely love to share with your friends. – Amazing facts from all categories. Facts about smoking …

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Amazing Facts about Tea

facts about tea

1. You will be surprised to know that there are around 1,500 different types of tea. 2. Do you know that tea is the national drink in Afghanistan and Iran. Both the green tea and black …

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