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about us

About Us

 Spinfold’s mission is to organize the information of every single element of this universe in such a way that each article would clearly present the evolution of that particular element being described depicting its past, present and its future.We titled this as Evolutree. Help this tree in growing tall by submitting an article on evolution of  anything of your choice and we would post it under your name. This is our primary goal and our visual dictionary unlike any other dictionary would present the words like a story making it so easy to remember and quickly learn. This would greatly help people getting prepared for competitive exams and also people of all ages to learn critical words easily.Even you can submit a word and remember that the way you present must be the best available description over internet.The number of visual dictionary entries would increase day by day as we are working hard to offer more content.We also present you never ever heard amazing facts and also very interesting technical news from all the trending fields.
We take great care to ensure that every single bit of information present in our site will ultimately serve you and help you in gaining great knowledge in a easy way.We see through that everything we post is amazing, interesting and unique.