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How Indians use Facebook when they get marriage proposals

Amazing facts about facebook and how indians use facebook

Our most endearing website, the social media giant and everyone’s favourite –“Facebook” has redefined the words share, like and social networking in a great way. Facebook  started as a directory which helps students to know each other, contains photos and details of all the students in a university has come a long way since then and has become part of our day to day life.To know how Facebook has evolved, read this article Evolution of Facebook. The impact of this social networking giant has been huge and it has been influencing our lives greatly and shockingly a deciding factor for many people in India when the marriage proposals start coming in.Though Facebook is not cool anymore and boring, it’s the only platform that helped everyone around this planet to come together and share things easily and communicate easily.

The fact that everyone is on Facebook has been used by girl’s parents in India very effectively.Since Facebook sheds an unprecedented light on the private and intimate lives of people and the fact that people are no more free and do not have privacy as everyone could access their information by some means has led to this new and unexpected way of using Facebook which is quite popular in India.

Whenever the girls family gets a marriage proposal, the first thing the girls family is going to do is to find the bridegroom’s profile in Facebook and start mining data from their timeline and even from their friend’s timelines too.The girls family members dig deep into the profile of bridegroom and come up with brilliant and shocking insights which no data mining professional could ever do.

While studying the information, they pay keen interest and attention that they even carefully read the comments made by the candidate on others photos and the kind of pictures he/she uploads, their friend’s list to know about the kind of friends they have etc., See this video which exactly depicts the current scenario in India.

Young people while they are still pursuing their graduation or studying  use Facebook heavily as if it is a daily ritual and post many stupid things being amateurs and later they repent for doing so.So I suggest people not to share your private and personal details on any social media and suffer even when you really do not do any mistake.This is how Indians use Facebook and other social media networks to get to know the good and bad about the marriage proposal they got.

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