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Words starting with Z

Zoological garden meaning

menagerie meaning

Noun: zoological garden Zoological garden meaning: The facility where wild animals are housed for exhibition Synonyms: menagerie, zoo Derived forms: zoological gardens Quotations: E.F. Benson – With regard to religion, finally, it may be briefly …

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Zestfulness meaning

gusto meaning

Noun: zestfulness Pronunciation:(zest-ful-nus) Zestfulness meaning: Vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment Synonyms: gusto, relish, zest Quotations: Louisa Morgan – She next called her favourite; with eager zest he burst open the half-latched door, and ran round and round …

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Zoo meaning

menagerie meaning

Noun: zoo Pronunciation:(zoo) Zoo meaning: The facility where wild animals are housed for exhibition Synonyms: menagerie, zoological garden Any place that is crowded and chaotic Derived forms: zoos Quotations: Stephen Chbosky – Once on a …

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Zeal meaning

zeal meaning

Noun: zeal Pronunciation: (zeel) Zeal meaning: Excitement, excessive fervor or passion to do something or accomplish some task. Prompt willingness Feeling of strong eagerness Synonyms: passion, excitement, devotion Quotations: Aldous Huxley – At least two thirds of …

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Zest meaning

zest meaning

Noun: zest Pronunciation: (zest) Zest meaning:  A piece of orange or lemon peel, or the aromatic oil which may be squeezed from such peel, used to give flavor. They have a real zest for life. …

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Zenith meaning

zenith meaning

Noun: zenith Pronunciation: (ze-nith) Zenith meaning: That point in the visible celestial hemisphere which is vertical to the spectator or observer; the point of the heavens directly overhead; American power worldwide is at its historic …

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Zephyr meaning

zephyr meaning

Noun: zephyr Pronunciation: (ze-fu(r)) Zephyr meaning: The west wind; poetically, any soft, gentle breeze. Usually refreshing slight wind. Synonyms: air, breeze, gentle wind, waft. Quotations: Grover Cleveland – I would rather be the man who presents …

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Zany meaning

zany meaning

Noun: zany Pronunciation: (zey-nee) Zany meaning: One who acts as a clown to amuse others ; A buffoon in old comedies who imitates amusingly the tricks of others. The living generation is bound to support …

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