Words starting with K

Keg meaning

keg meaning

Noun: keg Pronunciation: (keg) Keg meaning: A small cask or barrel for holding or serving something like beer. The quantity contained in a keg. Synonyms: cask, barrel, firkin, hogshead Quotations: Robert Browning – Rats! They …

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Knack meaning

knack meaning

Noun: knack Pronunciation: (nak) Knack meaning: An ability, talent or special skill needed to do something. Clever way of doing something or a clever trick or strategy. Synonyms: trick, stratagem, gimmick Quotations: Jen Banford – …

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Kudos meaning

kudos meaning

Noun: kudos Pronunciation: (koo-dowz) Kudos meaning:  An expression of commendation and approval. Praise or respect that you get because of something you have achieved. Synonyms: acclaim, accolade, applause, congratulations, hats off, pat on the back, …

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Knoll meaning

Silbury hill ,Knoll meaning

Noun:knoll Pronunciation: (no`wl) Knoll meaning: A small round hill We passed round a knoll to find a group of locals in the field. That’s just a diversion tactic on her part. I’m surprised they haven’t accused the …

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