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Interesting facts about the world

I have to agree to the fact that we cannot accommodate all the interesting facts about the world into a single article.I will not bore you by writing an extensive article with too many facts.I hope you will enjoy these facts as this collection has got interesting, funny, silly and also educative facts.Lets quickly jump into the interesting facts about the world.

Follow the italicized word in each fact and you will observe that the next fact would be related to that word only.

  1. Men spend almost a year of their lives staring at women and women spend almost a year of their lives to decide what to wear.
  2. 69 is the most number of children born to one woman.
  3. The largest numbers the Greeks and the Romans used were of the range 10^6. It is amazing to know that  Hindus from India used numbers as big as 10^53 with specific names for those big numbers as early as 5000 BC during the Vedic period. Even today, the largest used number is Tera which is 10^12.
  4. The Vedas which date back to beginning of Indian civilization are the earliest literary records of humans and are the oldest written text on our planet Earth. For more interesting facts about India, read Amazing Facts about India.
  5. It is China’s air pollution that is visible from space and not the Great Wall of China.
  6. The use of toilet paper in the history of human race dates back to 6th century AD in China.
  7. The smartphone you carry has 18 times more bacteria than toilet handles.
  8. Our mouths are houses for bacteria and germs.When people actually kiss each other they exchange approximately 10 million to 1 billion bacteria in no time.
  9. A wonderful couple from London locked lips for 31 hours, 30 minutes, and 30 seconds, making it the longest kiss ever recorded.For more interesting and amazing facts about kiss, read Amazing facts about kiss and Evolution of Kiss.
  10. The longest human beard on records is 18.6 feet.
  11. A single human hair can support up to 100 grams in weight.The most astonishing fact is that the whole head of hair could support up to 12 tonnes which is the equivalent of two African elephants.
  12. Elephants are the only mammals which cannot jump.Elephants have passed the mirror test like human toddlers, magpies, dolphins and great apes have passed.  They all have succeeded to recognize themselves in a mirror.
  13. You believe it or not, dolphins commit suicide.When dolphins are troubled they commit suicide either by refusing food or smashing their heads to walls.
  14. Food item that has zero fat content is carrot and the most stolen food item in the world is cheese.In United States of America an average person eats approximately 35 tons of food in his/her lifetime which is reportedly the highest as per the records.
  15. United States Highway 550, near Durango and Silverton, Colorado, is called the Million Dollar Highway of the world because it was paved with low grade gold ore in the road bed. Read Amazing facts about USA here. Interesting facts about USA.
  16. There are more than 30 million dead people on Facebook.
  17. In U.S, one third of all the divorce filings in the year 2011 contained the buzz word “Facebook”.If this is the case in USA ,Indians use Facebook in a different way.Read it here – Know how Indians use Facebook when they get marriage proposals.
  18. A 99-year-old man divorced after 77 years of marriage. He divorced his 96 year old wife because he had discovered about an affair she had in the late 1940’s. You will be shocked to know that a girl was divorced at an age of 10 years making her the youngest girl to be ever divorced.
  19. Scientists have not yet found why man actually needs to sleep.
  20. Randy Gardner holds the scientifically documented record for the longest period a human being has intentionally gone without sleep that too without using stimulants of any kind. In 1965 as a 18 year old high school student in San Diego, California, Gardner stayed awake for 264 hours (eleven days). He broke the previous record of 260 hours held by Tom Rounds of Honolulu.
  21. Actually students are not the only ones who are in danger of school level violence.Facts say that nearly 8% of teachers worldwide reported of being threatened or seriously injured by a student from their own school.
  22. Heating plastics in microwave is very dangerous as plastics labeled microwave safe were found to release toxins when heated in a microwave.The amounts of toxic doses could result in neurological damage.Since the term Microwave safe is not regulated by government, I suggest you to stay away from plastics.Remember that this is a serious fact and not an interesting or amazing fact.
  23. The flapping of the wings of 1000 bees generates nearly seven watts of heat.
  24. Bees from a single hive have to fly for 90000 miles which is equivalent of three orbits around the earth to collect one kilogram of honey.
  25. Is there a bird which can fly backwards? Yes, Humming bird is the only bird that can fly backwards. It flies with its wings beating up to 80 times per second.
  26.  Birds have hollow bones and these help them in flying high.
  27. I was amazed to know that, our  thigh bone (femur) is stronger than concrete and it’s hollow!The smallest bone in the human body is the stirrup bone.It is located in the ear and is the size of half a grain of rice.
  28. There are more than 40000 varieties of rice and the only continent where rice could not be produced is Antarctica.
  29. Eskimos and polar bears are found in the Arctic and not in Antarctica.
  30. It is shocking to know that the giant panda is actually a bear.They have an extra “thumb” just for holding onto bamboo stalks.Bamboo makes up 99% of its diet and it can eat over 45 lbs of bamboo every day.

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