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25 Amazing Facts about Left Handed People

Amazing facts about left handed people.

1.  Left-Handers Day is celebrated on August 13th every year as International Left-Handers Day.  It was started in the year 1966.

2.  Men are more likely to be left-handed than women.

3.  Around 10% of people on earth are lefties.

facts about left handed people

4.  Obama, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford, James Garfield and Harry Truman are lefties.  Tom Cruise, Aristotle, Brad pitt, Bill Gates, Angelina Jolie, Leanardo da Vinci are some of the famous lefties.

5.  According to sources, left-handers may die nine years earlier than right-handers.

6.  Some social customs set the left-handers as different.  Left-handers are considered as one of the last unorganized minorities in society.

7.  Oxford dictionary defines left-handed as defective, awkward, crippled, inapt, clumsy, ambiguous, doubtful, ill-omened, questionable, illegitimate and inauspicious.

8.  The world left comes from Anglo-Saxon word lyft, which means broken or weak.

9.  Phrases in English about left-handedness suggest a negative view.  For example, a left-handed marriage is not a marriage, but an adulterous sexual liaison, an insult as, left-handed compliment.

10.  According to studies, Left-handed people have 140 more IQ than right-handed people.  Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin are the famous left-handed people.

11.  Some studies show that, Mothers who give birth lately will have more chance to give birth to left-handed baby.

12.  Left handed people have higher risk of Psychosis, according to studies.  Lefties  have more mental disorders.  Dyslexia and stuttering occur more often in them.

13.  Lefties use right part of brain, whereas right handed people use left part of brain.  Lefties have low rages of ulcers and arthritis.

14.  The left hemisphere, which controls the right hand, likes rapidly changing sounds, while the other part likes slowly changing sounds.

15.  A mark of devil, a sign of neurosis, rebellion, criminality, homosexuality and a nasty habit, these are the things that left-handedness is often considered famous for, at various times in history.  It has been also considered as a trait indicating musical abilities and indicating creativity.

16.  Left-handed people are more scared.  They tend to be more affected by fear.

17.  According to studies, Left-handed people like to drink more often.

18.  Left-handers draw figures mostly facing to the right.

19.Left-handers are prone to have negative emotions.

20.  Do you know that? Four of the five designers of the Apple’s Macintosh computer were left-handed.

21.  In Bible, the left hand is mentioned negatively, all the 25 times.  While the right hand is mentioned 100 times positively.

22.  Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth second, Prince Charles and Prince William are left-handed people.

23.  According to some studies, lefties have more multitasking skills.

24.  Lefties are less confident and make less money.

25.  One in four Apollo astronauts are lefties.

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