Thursday , 20 June 2024

Applications and Technology

Android Apps for Remote Computer Access

Best remote control apps

Android Apps for Remote Computer Access The emergence of Android and availability of innumerable apps has helped many of the users in many ways. One among those is sharing and accessing files and other data from your …

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Best quotes app

logo and best quotes app

Are you looking for best quotes app? Are you frustrated with those apps which offer only few quotes with limited number from just few popular categories? Friends, then make Way2Quotes  (Android application with quotes, proverbs, sms, …

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Best pc apps store

allmyapps - best pc apps

Are you looking for best pc apps ? Are you frustrated with application discovery and management for your computer? Then make as your first preference as this is the smartest PC app store we have …

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Precautions for safe online banking

secured page

Online Banking precautions : Always remember that any of your bank’s representatives never send you email/SMS or call you over phone to get your personal information, password or one time SMS which is your high …

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Future of NFC enabled devices

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What is NFC? Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short range radio technology which is based on RFID(radio-frequency identification) and enables communication between devices that either touch or are momentarily held close together, usually not more than …

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