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Why Facebook is not cool anymore and boring

facebook keyboard shortcuts and facebook is not cool anymore

Facebook the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg was launched in 2005 for the public all over the world and today it has redefined the words share, like and social networking.Facebook has actually entered into the world wide web when social media was not yet defined.It has become the buzzword among youth and evolved into a social media giant in no time since it featured coolest things and offered fantastic means to share anything with our friends and family.Facebook has come a long way since then and if you want to know the history and evolution of your most endearing website, then read Evolution of Facebook.

The impact of Facebook has been huge and the way people use it differs from place to place and person to person.Facebook has intensely woven into texture of our relationships too and has been influencing our lives too.To what extent this is acceptable?The lack of privacy is also an annoying thing for all those people who are using Facebook.Not just these but many reasons which would be discussed later in the article have led people to migrate and use other cooler alternatives like Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Zurker etc..,Well Zurker has been suspended recently and the reasons are not yet revealed and investigation is still on. Know why Zurker is suspended here – Why Zurker is suspended? Global Social Media Impact Study has provided many key insights on how Facebook’s  regional usage turns the same platform into totally different genres for each site.In a wider context Facebook sheds an unprecedented light on the private and intimate lives of people.

We have to agree to the fact that it is difficult to maintain that coolness over years for anybody.Many companies like Apple and Google have excelled in doing this and now Facebook has to struggle hard and stay in the competition.People got bored of Facebook, especially youth and they are expecting something new and cool.I say that Facebook is not cool now but its big now where it is difficult to say who is not there on Facebook.Though it’s not cool, it is the only platform that helped people sharing things easily and communicate easily.

Now let us have a look at the reasons why people do not love Facebook as they used to earlier.

  • How embarrassing it is to see a friend request from our own parents and since we could not ignore their request and now that they know how to get connected and use this service many teenagers are switching to messaging apps or other social media sites.
  • Few popular surveys have quoted Facebook as dead and buried and people are no more free and have privacy to post what they could earlier as everyone could access our every indiscretion.
  • People are worried about being spied by bigger corporations and shadowy government agencies.Are you sure that Facebook does not share your personal data to advertisers?
  • Earlier people used to refresh their new feed every now and then and used to spend hours together on Facebook.We all used to update our status very frequently and engage in chatting or other discussions in groups etc.. on a daily basis.Its not a daily ritual anymore.All we get these days on opening Facebook is annoying news feed from many websites trying to get traffic and peoples progress in games like Farmville and Candy Crush.Nine out of ten notifications we get on Facebook these days are about invitations to play Candy Crush Saga  and use other Facebook apps.
  • It is difficult to find news feed that is more relevant and important among from the news feed which is heavily populated by feeds from stupid Facebook pages and website promotions.The advertisements are easily seen on the sidebar than our important updates from our intimate friends.Sponsored and popular pages are heavily irritating.
  • Annoying friend requests from unknown people and most of the people in our friends list are random and the chances are high that some people could misuse the pictures available on Facebook.Be careful and think twice before uploading pictures on any social media and also think twice before accepting friend requests from strangers.We have seen many cases of how people are cheated by behaving normally in the initial days and taking advantage of it later.

Well I conclude saying that though Facebook is not cool anymore, it is the platform that has brought all of us together and helped us in many ways.We still post pictures, update our status and participate in occasional chats.Facebook is not a stylish accessory but I could say that there is no replacement to what all it could offer and it’s not easy for any other service to beat this giant and serve as it did over years. Long live Facebook.

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