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45 Amazing Facts about Human Attraction

Amazing Facts about Human Attraction

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1.  Do you know that, facial symmetry is considered as a sign of beauty around the world?

2.  A study shows that men who feel hungry often, preferred women with higher weights.

3.  A study conducted in United Kingdom found that whenever a woman finds a man attractive, she speaks with a higher pitched voice.

4.  Evolutionary biologists say that it’s better to be average looking, as average features advertise better reproductive health and more diverse set of genes.

5.  Studies show that we are more attracted to people who look similar to us.

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6.  Woman’s hormone levels are affected by birth control pills. Women who are taking birth control pills are more attracted to men with more masculine features, but these men are often linked to aggressive behavior, higher testosterone levels and even higher divorce rates.

7.  Children who are born to their parents in their 30’s tend to find older faces more attractive than children born to their parents in their 20’s.

8.  During your college life, on what basis did you rate your teachers?  Studies show that students tend to rate their teacher’s performance more on the basis of physical attractiveness than on the knowledge and their ability to explain.

9.  If you are more attractive then there are chances that, you are less likely to suffer  punishment when convicted and even lesser chances to be convicted.

10.  A defendant accused of raping an attractive victim is more likely to found guilty than one accused of raping an unattractive victim.

11.  Did you notice that you prefer to follow attractive politicians than their counter parts.  Studies show that attractive politicians receive more news coverage than their counter parts.

12.  According to researchers, women who have been shown ideal and perfect body images usually lower there satisfaction with their own attractiveness.

13.  Recently thousands of women are seeking elective surgeries that offer more attractive private parts. Also read: Interesting facts about plastic surgery.

14.  Studies show that children mostly select playmates based on physical attractiveness, as they think that physical appearance is often associated with being friendlier and smarter.

15.  Television news directors prefer to air the injury or killing incident of an attractive victim than a plain one.

16.  “Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference.”Aristotle said this!.

17.  In Middle ages, to become attractive, affluent noble women would dab bat’s blood on their skin or swallow arsenic to improve complexion.

18.  Dr. David Buss, recorded mating preferences for more than 10,000 people from 37 cultures and found out that woman’s physical attractiveness was the top most factor in man’s list.

19.  In most of the cultures, men find that younger women are more attractive than older women.  Whereas women are attracted towards older men.

20.  Americans spend more money on beauty enhancements than they do on education per year.

21.  $160 billion a year is the value of global industry that includes cosmetics, skin and hair care, perfumes, cosmetic surgery, hormone injections, health clubs and weight loss programs.

22.  According to researchers, young men are more attracted to hourglass figure, as researchers say that there is a correlation between a woman’s hourglass figure and her reproductive ability.

23.  Research has found that during ovulating, women prefer masculine looking men. But at other times of the month they seek men with softer features.

24.  Studies suggest that both within and across ethnicity and culture, humans agree on who is and isn’t attractive.  Researchers note that there are universal standards of attractiveness.

25.  Studies show that attractive people exhibit more traits and positive behaviors.

26.  A study in 1966, by the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis on a group of 664 student volunteers show that, young college adults were concerned about the physical attractiveness.

27.  Online polls showed that men are more concerned about the weight of a date while women are concerned about a potential partner’s height.  Women with 20 pounds overweight and men even just an inch under the average height have a tougher time getting a date.

28.  Studies show that shorter men have lesser reproductive success than taller men, as taller men have greater ability to attract mates.

29.  Women are more attracted to men who have ideal hunting physique, narrow waists, strong shoulders and broad chests.

30.  Female managers consider that bearded men are more active and more competent where as male bosses did not.  Additionally women perceive men with beards as more potent, active and physically attractive.

31.  Researches show that a potential date is made more attractive by adrenaline.

32.  Infants from 2 to 6 months of age don’t prefer to look at unattractive adults. Rather they prefer attractive adults.

33.  Women who wear red are found to be more attractive by men and also there are higher chances that they would be asked on a date.

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34.  According to Cosmopolitan magazine, smell of cucumbers or black licorice make men appear more attractive for women. Men are attracted to blends of lavender and pumpkin scents.

35.  People who are drunk find others more attractive because drunken person is less likely to notice the asymmetry of  a face.

36.  Men do regular workouts because women are less attracted to men with belly.  Men with abdominal fat have lower testosterone which means lower fertility and lower sex drive.

37.  Men are  attracted to women whose bone structure is similar to their own mothers because of the sexual imprinting.

38.  Studies show that baby’s attractiveness increases with age from birth up to age of 9-11 months and then decreases again.  Babies having large eyes, small mouths and noses and a large forehead are assessed as cute.

39.  Women judge a man to be more attractive when they see another women looking or smiling at him.

40.  People who make the first move will be more attractive and get attracted.

41.  According to studies, neonatal nurses tend to devote more time and attention to more attractive, healthy infants and less attention to less attractive babies.

42.  Researchers say that mothers tend to give more attention to their most attractive children who exhibit more socialized behavior than their less attractive siblings.

43.  Teachers expect more attractive children to perform well  in academics and sports, leading to less punishment, more attention and better grades.

44.  If you are attractive, then the chances are less that you can get a job associated with masculine qualities.  Studies suggest that less attractive women are more preferred for these kind of jobs.

45.  Some studies show that attractive people tend to have better paying jobs, increments in higher level positions.

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