Amazing Facts about Food

Facts about Food:

1. Peanuts are used to make dynamites.

2. Fortune cookies were invented in San Francisco in early 1900. They are not a traditional Chinese custom.

3. In  U.S an average person eats 35 tons of food in his/her lifetime.

4. Scientists found a way to turn peanut butter into diamonds.

5. The most stolen food in the world is cheese.

6. Honey can last for 3000 years, it is the only food item that will never get rotten.

7. Originally Carrots are purple in color.

8. Every year almost 50% of the world’s food is thrown away as waste.

9. In emergencies, coconut water can be used as a substitute for blood plasma.

10. “Soy-lent”, is a food substitute intended to supply all daily nutritional needs.

11. 40 years ago, chicken contained 266% less fat than it did now.

facts about food

12. Nutritious food costs up to 10 times more than junk food ounce by ounce.

13. The most expensive coffee in the world, kopi luwak(“civet coffee”)costs around $80 for a single cup. It is brewed from the coffee beans that are partially digested by Asian palm civet.

14. Common bananas are all genetically identical, they all have the exact same generic code as the first Cavendish tree.

15. Coca-Cola is the only company that can import coca leaves in U.S, U.S law prohibits all others from importing it.

16.  Honey enters the blood stream within a period of 20 minutes, when it is swallowed.

17.  The juice that contains a small amount of alcohol is Orange juice.

18.  Except vitamin C, eggs contain most of the recognized vitamins.

19.  Strawberries contain less sugar than lemons.

20.  The only fruit which has its seed on its outer skin is Strawberry.

21.  Grapes explode when they are put in a microwave.

22.   More than 7,000 varieties of apples are grown all over the world.

23.  Don’t feed your dogs with chocolate, it can kill your pet; it directly affects their nervous system and heart.

24.  Lettuce belongs to the sun-flower family, lighter green lettuce leaves are less nutritious than darker green leaves.

25.  Lettuce is the second most popular fresh vegetable,in the United States.

26.  One-fourth of all iceberg lettuce is made into fresh cut salads and almost all lettuce is packed in the field.

27.  The banana plant can grow as high as a two-story house, which is around 20 feet tall.

28.  Potassium keeps your body fluids in balance and helps build muscle power, Bananas are a great source of them.

29.  If injected intravenously, Nutmeg is extremely poisonous.

30.  This is difficult to believe! when pearls are kept in vinegar, they will melt.

31.  Onions, potatoes, and apples all taste the same when eaten with your nose plugged.

32.  No one really knows who invented donuts or when they were invented.

33.  When an egg floats in water, it should not be eaten as it is “off”.

34.  Catecholamines are released in the body, when natural vanilla is consumed, for this reason it is considered to be addictive.

35.  Banana trees are giant herbs, they are not trees.

36.  Ketchup was originally a fish sauce.

37.  Butter tea is common drink in Tibet, it is made from yak butter, salt, and tea.

38.  Chewing gum will keep you from crying while peeling onions.

39.  Smelling green apples and/or bananas can help you lose weight!!

40.  To live longer, eat lemons.  Studies show that eating lemons will make you live longer.

41.  The chances of getting a heart attack is reduced by 50% by eating one meal of fish a week.

42.  Roast turkey was the first meal on the moon, eaten by Buzz Aldrin and Niel Armstrong.

43.  Before being eaten, a banana travels 4,000 miles on an average.

44.  The world’s most recognizable smell is Coffee.

45.  The food item that has zero fat content is carrot.

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