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38 Amazing and Interesting Facts about Earth

Amazing facts about Earth.

1.  Do you think that Earth is rotating at a constant speed?  the answer is no!!, Earth’s rotation is gradually slowing which is approximately 17 Milli seconds per hundred years and the rate is not uniform.

facts about earth

2.  In ancient days scientists believe that earth is the center of the universe.  Copernicus is the person who postulated that sun was at the center of universe.

3.  Earth has a nickel iron core which makes it to have a powerful magnet field.  This magnetic field protects earth from effects of solar wind.

4.  All the planets in our solar system are named after gods except earth.

5.  Earth has the greatest density of all planets in the universe.

6.  Earth is not round in shape, it is geoid. earth has a bulge at equator.

7.  China’s air pollution is visible from space, not the great wall of China.

8.  Earth is the only planet which has tectonic plates. They help in consumption of carbon dioxide and recycle it.

9.  Do you want gold?  then try to go to the core, most part of the earth’s gold lies in its core which is 99%.

10.  56.7 oc is the hottest temperature ever recorded at CA. USA in 1913.

11.  -89.2 oc is the lowest temperature recorded at vastok station in Antarctica.

12.  The continents move 2 cm every year.

13.  Try to conserve wildlife, because within 300 years,75% of earth’s animal species could be extinct.

14.  Did you know that rocks are recycled? Volcanoes spot them out and after a very long time they will get sucked down by plate tectonics or get pushed towards earth core.

15.  70% of earth’s fresh water is present in Antarctica, of which 90% is ice.

16.  Gravity varies from place to place, as mass is different in different places.

17.  70%of earth is covered in oceans, humans explored only 5 % of it.

18.  Earth’s atmosphere is composed of 5 layers, the higher we go the thinner they get.

19.  The core of earth is in molten form, which erupts from volcano’s.

20.  Natural gas present inside earth doesn’t have any strong smell or odor, humans add it to prevent accidents.

21.  Due to the movements of tectonic plates Hawaii is moving towards Japan at a speed of 10 cm a year.

22.  Nile is the longest river on the planet which is 6696 kilometers long.

23.  Atlantic ocean is the saltiest ocean.

24.  Mt Everest is the highest mountain which is 8,848 meters high above sea level.

25.  The largest living structure in the world is, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

26  .  Researchers in the field of astrobiology have found that Earth’s stable climate is an anomaly and current conditions are temporary and it will end in the next billion years.

27.  Earth’s largest mountain ranges are under the oceans.

28.  Earth’s surface is mostly volcanic, which is more than 80%.

29.  Some Native Americans believed that earth was supported by a giant tortoise, and each time it took a step, earth trembled.

30.  Earth’s plate buckle and twist like slabs of warm clay when they collide, though they are made of solid rock.


Now let us look at some interesting  numerical facts about earth.

31.  5,972,190,000,000,000 billion kg is the mass of the earth.

32.  12,756 is the equatorial diameter of earth.

33.  Polar diameter is 12,714 kms.

31.  40,030 km is the equatorial circumference of earth.

32.  Moon is the only satellite for earth.

33.  149,598,262 km is the orbital distance.

34.  365.2564 earth days is the orbit period.

35.  Earth surface temperature varies from -88 to 58 oc.

36.  Earth takes 23 hours,56 minutes and 4 seconds to rotate on its own axis.

37.  66 degrees is the angle at which earth is tilted.

38.  5500 c/9900 f is the temperature of earth’s core.


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