Amazing facts about fish

Facts about fish that will amaze you for sure.

1. Some fishes can swim backwards and the famous one among those is the trigger-fish.

2. The weird lipsticks which girls use daily for their lips to look glossy and to attract men contain fish scale.Almost all the top brands use the fish scale.

3. Many fishes can taste food without opening their mouths.

3. Farts are the mode of communication for herrings!

4. Goldfish doesn’t have eyelids.

5. People kill 11,417 sharks per hour while sharks kill 12 people per year.

6. Infrared radiation which is invisible to us can be seen by goldfish.

7. There’s a fish in Greenland that can live up to 200 years and can eat polar bears.

8. Puffer fish is a poisonous fish, it contains enough poison to kill 30 people.

9. A goldfish will lose its color if you keep it in a dark room.

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10. Starfish and jelly fish are not fishes.

11. The great white sharks give birth to live babies called pups, most fishes reproduce by laying eggs.

12. While humans have 7,000 taste buds a catfish has around 27,000 taste buds.

13. The mudskipper fish carries a portable water supply in its gill chamber when it leaves water. It can walk on fins on land and spend most of its time out of water.

14. The only fish that can swim upright is seahorse.

15. Some fish can raise their body temperature. The great white shark does this to hunt for pottery in cold water.

16. Fishes don’t have vocal chords; they use other body parts like bones and teeth to make sounds.

17. Many fishes can shoot their mouth forward to catch prey as there jaw is not attached to their skull.

18. Electric rays and electric eels have enough electricity to kill a horse.

19. The only fish that has eyelids is shark.

20. Some fish often lack jaw teeth but have pharyngeal teeth, which are tooth like grinding mills in their throat.

21. Fishes are vertebrate animals and there are around 25000 known species of them and over 1000 species are facing the danger of extinction.

22. Tuna fish reaches speeds of 43mph (70kph).

23. Though this is rare, goldfish may grow as long as 23 inches and weigh 7 pounds.

24. The rest-finned fish are the latest group of fishes with nearly 24,000 species.

25. The lateral line system helps fish to detect prey and avoid predators by detecting variations in water pressure.

26.  Fishes are cold blooded animals, their internal body temperature is same as the surrounding water.

27.  For spawning, some fishes migrate from marine and freshwater environments and these species are referred as diadromous.

28.  Anadromous are the fish that migrate from the sea into freshwater to spawn. Catadromous does the opposite thing.

29.  Pollution in water leads to change of sex in fish. According to studies 1/3rd of male fish in British water are changing sex due to pollution.

30.  The tiny rice fish from Thailand, the fresh water Pygmy and Luzon gobies of Philippines, the saltwater Marshal Islands goby are typically considered the world’s smallest fish. They all reach a maximum length of half inch.

31.  The ocean sunfish does not have a tail; a female sunfish can lay 300 million eggs in a year.

32.  Seahorses can change their color to match the surroundings like chameleon and can move each of its eyes separately. One eye can look backward while the other looks forward.

33.  Rays and sharks don’t have swim bladders; they have to swim continuously to prevent sinking.

34.  An Atlantic hagfish oozes slime through its skin and could clog a bucket of water in minutes.

35.  Salmon fish after journeying across the ocean can find the river where they were born.

36.  Mermaid purses are the empty dogfish egg cases.

37.  The most primitive firm of fish living today are hagfish and lampreys.

38.  Anableps can see above and below water at same time and have four eyes.

39.  When in danger, the batfish plays dead, it floats on  surface when scared.

40.  The desert pupfish can live in hot springs, where temperatures are around 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

41.  Mae anglerfish are smaller than the female and as the males’ ages, they get smaller and smaller.

42.  A group of fishes is known as a school.

43.  The fugu, in Japan contains tetrodotoxin which is deadly poisonous but is a lethal delicacy, it is so delicious that gourmets risk their lives to prepare it and chefs must have a certificate from a special school that teaches preparation of toxic fish, to make this dish.

44.  Seahorse is the slowest fish, dwarf seahorse takes one hour to travel making it the slowest one.

45.  Sailfish is the fastest fish and can reach speeds of 68mph.

46.  Piranhas have razor-sharp teeth? Found in freshwater rivers in South America. They topically eat seeds, fruits, insects, fish and even horses.

47.  Stonefish is the most poisonous fish in the world, its sting can cause paralysis and even death within few hours, if not treated.

48.  If a fish tries to chew anything, it will suffocate as it would interfere with water passing over their gills.

49.  The fish that controls the school is present in the center of the school and the fish outside the school follow them.

50.  On an average flying fish can reach heights up to 19 feet and can glide 16 feet.

51.  When a shark is turned upside down it will go into trance.

52.  A fish’s age can be determined by the scales present.

53.  Fish that have broad lateral Finn and large tails indicate that they live among rocks and reefs near ocean floor, on the other hand fish that travel great distances have thin fins with a split tail.

54.  Most fish can see color and have good eye sight, some fish can see ultraviolet and polarized light.

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