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Juggernaut meaning

Noun: juggernaut

Pronunciation: (‘ju`-gur,not)

Juggernaut meaning: A massive unstoppable force that seems to crush everything in its way.

juggernaut meaning and juggernaut
For lilliputs, Gulliver seemed to be a massive inexorable force

Synonyms: steamroller, blitz, crusade

Quotations: Matthew Vaughn – It’s a juggernaut, yeah but I’m not phased by making movies.

E. O. Wilson – The human juggernaut is permanently eroding Earth’s ancient biosphere.

Robert Buchanan – I think they are better with one entity rather than two. But it will be tough even with the merged entity to compete with the Federated juggernaut.

Mike McCarley – American Idol is a juggernaut, but we expected this, and we’re right in the range of where we thought we’d be.

Sunil Reddy – We look at Qualcomm as a wireless juggernaut and it’s proving it can execute. The fact that they hit their numbers and slightly raised next quarter’s guidance is positive.

  • Google and Facebook have evolved as the online juggernauts.
  • That juggernaut bus goes past my house daily.
  • The growth end seems expensive and the value end doesn’t look good either. The overall market has been well supported by enthusiasm for technology but the gloss has been tarnished on the whole technology juggernaut.
  • We ran into a juggernaut. We’ve always had trouble playing down here on this stuff. The last 10 years we’ve had trouble playing on this turf. We just aren’t used to it. It’s fast, but no excuses – they just outplayed us, they deserved to win it and they did.
  • The U.S. economy is kind of a juggernaut. Look at the last few quarters, how it shook off oil price spikes and hurricane shocks.
  • Implementing alternatives to the juggernaut of development won’t be easy. But the Delta’s natural beauty, recreation potential, and importance for California’s infrastructure and environment make it essential to find alternative futures for this important, fragile region.
  • Harry Potter changed everything. It’s this juggernaut that is bigger than anything else out there, and it forced all of us to take notice of children’s books.
  • We try to be the best defensive team that we can be. Our goal is to be the best defensive team in the league. We’re not an offensive juggernaut by any stretch of the imagination. But, if we defend and rebound, we know we can be in every game. That’s where we earn our money, on the defensive end.
  • I think the liberals are doing everything they can to do turn it around, but the reality is that we’re at the point right now where only Stephen Harper can lose this election. Only some major mistake by Harper or someone close to him can derail the conservative juggernaut.
  • Farmers markets are green shoots coming out of the gun. They represent hope and they need to be cultivated. But we have a juggernaut coming at us.
  • The women are definitely still the juggernaut. But I had a good feeling coming in that our team could do really well too. Since I was waiting around all day for my second match, I had a chance to cheer on my teammates. It was great.
  • We’re not as flamboyant as last year’s team, not an offensive juggernaut. But we play defense and we rebound, and that’s got us to twenty wins. I feel this group can be special, too.
  • The company hopes to restore its credibility and add a financial juggernaut all in one deft move.
  • I’ll never win that battle. ‘Friends’ TV series was a juggernaut. It’s not going to happen like that again.
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