Blitz meaning

Noun: blitz

Pronunciation: (blits)
Blitz meaning:

  • A military attack in which many bombs are dropped from airplanes. A swift and violent military offensive with intensive aerial bombardment. Synonyms: blitzkrieg
  • A fast and powerful effort. Synonym: juggernaut, crusade
  • A sudden attack or effort to stop or end something.
  • Defensive players try to break through the offensive line. Synonyms: linebacker blitzing, safety blitz
blitz meaning
US Navy aircraft dropping bombs on Hakodate during July 1945.

Verb: blitz

Blitz meaning: Attack suddenly and without warning
Quotations: Scott Ward – The good thing about our defense is that we all pitch in and take care of our responsibilities. We kept the pressure on them and used our power. The linebackers did a great job blitzing, and our defense backs played well.

Phillip Daniels – On film we saw them just come up and snap the ball. But Sunday he was going into a cadence and when everybody comes up there and he sees blitz, then he throws it deep downfield. Maybe it’s because of all the big plays we gave up the weeks before, and they used that to their advantage.

Wade Phillips – People don’t understand the subtle ways he helps our defense. We were fourth in the league in sacks last year. When we blitzed, we never had to worry about leaving Keith in single coverage, because he can cover just about anybody.

Mike Holmgren – Tonight, there were some things I would have liked to have seen him handle a little differently, but all in all I think he’s made great strides. There were a couple of formation things and a couple of audible checks. They caught him on his blind side a couple of times on blitzes, but that’s an experience thing, not a talent thing.

Mark Clifford – They don’t show a whole lot on defense. They blitz a little bit. They line up in the same spot almost every time. When you face a football team that doesn’t change a whole lot, who just comes at you with what they have, those are the teams that are usually the strongest. They do what they do well.
Sample sentences:

  1. Their offensive line is a good one and they use a stable of backs. Defensively, they attack and you don’t know what angle they’re coming from. We’ll have to stop the run and blitz before they get into the backfield.
  2. Our defensive coaches loved Brian’s physical style. He has good size, and he has played a lot of man-to-man coverage, which will enable us to open up the blitz. Mike Tice confirmed what we saw as we studied this player, and he spoke highly of Brian’s quality character.
  3. We called a blitz and the outside linebacker and safety went and off he went. He’s a great back.
  4. Kinsey is a very gifted young man with great running and throwing potential. The offense employs size and the backfield has speed to overpower opponents. Defensively, the lions are a very aggressive group with multiple linebacker blitzes most of the time.
  5. It has huge implications for how campaigns are going to operate if 40 percent of voters are going to make up their minds before the media blitz that occurs right before an election.
  6. It was a chance I shouldn’t have taken. They had a good plan and executed it well. They blitzed early on, but we did a pretty good job of picking it up. After that, they kept seven and eight back in coverage a lot of the time.
  7. They know all our plays, so when we do things it might not look that bad in a game, so you just don’t know. And we know their plays, so we pick up some of their blitzes that another team might not pick up. It’s hard to judge right now.
  8. When it got right down to it, he still was able to make plays running. He did make some key plays with his arm, buying time to throw it, hanging in the pocket against an outstanding blitz package and making some key third-down conversions.
  9. They just blitzed us. We lost track of their shooters, and you can’t do that against them. They really hurt you when you’re out of position.
  10. Every blitz that you’ll probably see the rest of the year he saw on Sunday, and he saw them all. He handled it, he saw the field very well, he did a lot of things well, so he’ll be able to do more as the season progresses.
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