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Oviform meaning

Adjective: oviform

Pronunciation: (‘ó-vi,form or ‘ow-vi,form)

Oviform meaning:

  • Rounded like an egg

Synonyms: egg-shaped, ovate, ovoid, elliptic, oval, prolate

meaning of oviform


The Cosmic Computer • Henry Beam Piper – He looked around from one to another. The two supervisors, big ovoid things like the small round ones they had used in repairing the power reactors the first day, were circling aimlessly near the roof, one clockwise and the other counterclockwise, dodging obstructions and getting politely out of each other’s way. At lower altitude, a dozen.

Sample sentences:

  1. Those oviform bodies may turn out to be eggs of some weird animals.
  2. My father gave me an oviform toy.
  3. He gave me many oval shaped fruits which were very tasty.
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