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Frontage meaning

Noun: frontage

Pronunciation: (frún-tij)

Frontage meaning:

  • The extent of land abutting on a street or water
  • The direction in which something (such as a building) faces
  • The face or front of a building

Meaning of Frontage

Synonyms: facade, frontal

Derived forms: frontages


  1. Barbara Brown Taylor – I know plenty of people who find God most reliably in books, in buildings, and even in other people. I have found God in all of these places too, but the most reliable meeting place for me has always been creation. To remember that I am dirt and to dirt I shall return is to be given my life back again, if only for one present moment at a time. Where other people see acreage, timber, soil, and river frontage, I see God’s body, or at least as much of it as I am able to see. In the only wisdom I have at my disposal, the Creator does not live apart from creation but spans and suffuses it. When I take a breath, God’s Holy Spirit enters me. 
  2. Anonymous – The Central Post Office had a gaunt frontage. It was a building designed for a purpose. It was, therefore, more or less, a big box to employ people in, with two wings at the rear, which enclosed the big stable yard. Some cheap pillars had been sliced in half and stuck on the outside, some niches had been carved for some miscellaneous stone nymphs, some stone urns had been ranged along the parapet, and thus Architecture had been created.
  3. Rob Lofthouse – Are we coming back here, once this whole shitty war is over? I asked as we made our way out. That’s the plan, replied Dad as he secured the front door. I stared back at the narrow two-storey frontage and felt relief at my father’s words. It wasn’t much, but it was home and something worth fighting for.
  4. John Banville – I am, as is surely apparent by now, a thing made up wholly of poses. In this I may not be unique, it may be thus for everyone, more or less, I do not know, or care. What I do know is that having lived my life in the awareness, or even if only in the illusion, of being constantly watched, constantly under scrutiny, I am all frontage; stroll around to the back and all you will find is some sawdust and a few shaky struts and a mess of wiring. There is not a sincere bone in the entire body of my text. I have manufactured a voice, as once I manufactured a reputation, from material filched from others. The accent you hear is not mine, for I have no accent. I cannot believe a word out of my own mouth.
  5. Nick Lipscombe – Excellent work on Napoleonic battle tactics concluded that at close range, artillery was generally unable to inflict a greater number of casualties than competent well-led infantry occupying the same frontage. The complications of providing that intimate level of artillery support
  6. Alex – Why Use Transport Planners at the Feasibility Stage? Unfortunately, not all potential development sites have long road frontages or existing accesses that make accessing a site simple. In many cases, access frontage is limited or there are other issues that may have to be considered typically:-Bends in the road; Trees, Varying land gradients. Other housing or infrastructure; and Natural obstructions.
  7. Jane Jacobs – Such streets need controls to defend them from the ruin that completely permissive diversity might indeed bring them. But the controls needed are not controls on kinds of uses. The controls needed are controls on the scale of street frontage permitted to a use. This is so obvious and so ubiquitous a city problem that one would think its solution must be among the concerns of zoning theory. Yet the very existence of the problem is not even recognized in zoning theory.

Sample sentences:

  1. It should have been the Arabian Nights, but to Bond, seeing it first above the tops of trams and above the great scars of modern advertising along the river frontage, it seemed a once beautiful theater set that modern Turkey had thrown aside in favor of the steel and concrete flat-iron of the Istanbul-Hilton Hotel, blankly glittering behind him on the heights of Pera.
  2. Like any place in Reality, the Street is subject to development. Developers can  build their own small streets feeding off of the main one. They can build buildings, parks, signs, as well as things that do not exist in Reality, such Avast hovering overhead light shows, special neighborhoods where the rules of three-dimensional spacetime are ignored, and free-combat zones where people can go to hunt and kill each other. In order to place these things on the Street, they have had to get approval from the Global Multimedia Protocol Group, have had to buy frontage on the Street, get zoning approval, obtain permits, bribe inspectors, the whole bit.
  3. Geopolitics is ultimately the study of the balance between options and limitations. A country’s geography determines in large part what vulnerabilities it faces and what tools it holds. The lack of local competition combined with regional water shortages adds a sharp, brutal aspect to its foreign policy.· New Zealand is a temperate zone country with a huge maritime frontage beyond the edge of the world, making it both wealthy and secure  how could the Kiwis not be in a good mood every day? But then there is the United States. It has the fiat lands of Australia with the climate and land quality of France.
  4. Encrusted with glittering seashore properties the boatman said cost £400 per foot of beach frontage.
  5. I was yelling at a dame with a frontage that would have made a good bookshelf.

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