Amazing facts about Venus

After the Moon, Venus is the second brightest object in the sky.   Venus is the second from the Sun and the second largest terrestrial planet.  Venus is referred as earth’s sister planet due to its similar mass and size.Now lets have a look at amazing facts about Venus.

facts about venus
This global view of the surface of Venus is centered at 180 degrees east longitude.

1.  243 earth days is the time taken by earth to rotate once on its own axis and Venus takes 225 earth days to orbit around the Sun.

2.  A day on Venus lasts longer than a year.

3.  Venus is often called the earth’s sister planet as there are very similar in size with 638 kilometer difference in diameter.  Both these planets have a crust, a molten mantle and a central core.

4.  Venus rotates counter-clockwise, also known as retrograde rotation, scientists say a possible reason for this might be a collision with an asteroid in the past that caused to alter its rotational path.

5.  Venus differs from most other planets in our solarsystem, as it doesn’t have any satellites.

6.  With a magnitude between -3.8 to -4.6 , Venus is the second brightest object in the night sky after the Moon, making it visible during day light on a clear day.

7.  Atmospheric pressure on Venus will be equivalent to that experienced deep  beneath the sea on the earth experienced by a human.  the pressure on Venus is 92 times that of  the Earth.

8.  Venus is also known as the evening star and the morning star.

9.  Venus –  atmosphere has high levels of carbon dioxide which constitutes 96.5% of its atmosphere.

10.  Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system due to huge amount of carbon dioxide, which causes green house effect and it doesn’t tilt on its acid.  462 oc is the average surface temperature of Venus.

11.  in 1961. the first mission to Venus was made by Russians, Venera 1 was the space probe, and it lost its contact with base.

12.  U.S. made there first attempt with mariner 1, which was lost.  But mariner 2 was a successful one.

13.  Venus is surrounded by sender clouds of spheric acid, making it impossible to view its surface from outside.  Scientists were able to identify its hostile environment and high temperature through radio mapping.

14.  Before the missions, scientists thought that it was a tropical paradise, and it once had oceans but evaporated as the temperature increased on the planet.

15.  Gravity on Venus is nearly same as earth’s gravity.

16.  There are many volcano’s on the planet and some of them are active.

17.  Approximately 35% of Venus surface is made of six mountain ranges, of which Maxwell is the highest one which is seven miles high.

18.  Scientists believe that the current age of the planet is less than one billion years.

19.  Venus mass is about 80% that of earth, due to lower density and smaller size.

20.  Venus is the second most visited planet by space probes, first is Mars.

21.  The Sun and Earth are not visible from Venus surface, due to the large masses of clouds.

22.  The equatorial and the polar diameters are virtually same making Venus a perfect sphere.

23.  Mercury and Venus are the only two planets in the solar system that don’t have satellites orbiting around them.


Statistical facts about Venus

24.  Venus mass is nearly 80% of that of earth, which is 4,867,320,000,000,000 billion kg.

25.  Equatorial diameter of Venus is 12,104 kilometers.

26.  Polar diameter of Venus is 12,104 kilometers.

27.  There are no satellites for Venus.

28.  108,209,475 kilometers is the orbit distance of the planet.

29.  224.70 days is the orbit period of Venus.

30.  462 degree centigrade is the surface temperature of Venus.

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