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Gormless meaning

Adjective: gormless

 Pronunciation: (gorm-lus)

Gormless meaning :

  • (informal) lacking intelligence, vitality, often implying lack of capacity of will to remedy the condition.
  • Naive and innocent to the point of foolishness.

Synonyms: gaumless, stupid, foolish

Gormless meaning, gaumless, foolish, gormless

Its time to laugh seeing Mr.Bean’s gormless acts!!! Watch the video below.

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Origin: old English-gom,gome

Noun: gormlessness Adverb: gormlessly

Quotations: Anonymous – Matilda’s mind was so nimble and she was so quick to learn that her ability should have been obvious even to the most half-witted of parents. But Mr and Mrs Wormwood were both so gormless and so wrapped up in their own silly little lives that they failed to notice anything unusual about their daughter. To tell the truth, I doubt they would have noticed had she crawled into the house with a broken leg.

Sample sentences:

  1. She looks absolutely gormless.
  2. He is so gormless that he is marked by lack of intellectual acuity.
  3. I have never come across such a bunch of stupid, foolish and gormless.
  4. They look like gormless aliens and we all hate them.
  5. His nickname wad gormless David just because of his ridiculous behavior and stupid attitude.
  6. She is evil, you gormless idiot. Why don’t you understand this point?
  7. A gormless gang of thieves in India have spent hours drilling through the thick wall to reach the vault. They have miscalculated and ended up in toilets.
  8. He is 25 years old and he is no longer the gormless teenager we all know over years.
  9. The best part of this story is the transformation of villain from gormless to a normal human being.
  10. How gormless was that guy, the beggar on that TV series.
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