Are software jobs powered by Ctrl+C and driven by Ctrl+V

Rajesh got placed into a very big multinational company recently and was lucky that there were campus placements in his college. Finally he has received the joining letter after waiting for one year. He was dreaming big and wanted to touch the sky and expected that it would be a world of opportunities to do something new. His dreams were shattered after joining the company and started living in reality after he getting trained in some dull and dying technology and being forced to work for hours together for being a fresher. His fate was not at all good that he ended up in a very small team with no one to help him and push forward. He understood that whatever he has learnt in his engineering is of no use and would not help him in any way. He scolded all those for composing such useless syllabus and for not providing good exposure to real software industry.

He used to shiver whenever he used to listen the word ‘Code freeze’. Once he was almost dead meeting a deadline. He believed that committing suicide is less riskier than committing his changes in database. He used to stay back for so long in the office that he used to say ‘Hi’ to the morning shift watchman and say ‘Bye’ to night shift watchman late at night. He was very tensed and worried and read an article saying “Is it better to sell milk than to work in software?” and for a moment he was so very convinced and decided to buy few buffaloes instead of trying to learn a new technology.

When he was going through these difficulties, his reporting manager (Software SubbaRao) has understood that he is taking too much pressure and thought of giving a lecture in his leisure. One fine day, Software SubbaRao got a chance to talk with Rajesh in the food court. He straight away started giving him a lecture saying that you should either learn from women working in IT industry where they manage to get their work done by few bakraas (goats) or learn to escape and manage. Didn’t you observe that whenever Sheela asks a question, there are three to four men ready to answer and solve her problem at the very next moment, in fact complete her work. The same manager who replies to you on communicator when you ping him saying that he is busy and do not disturb him every now and then might be chatting with the girl sitting next to you at the same time. He expects work from you and expects coffee breaks at coffee day and lunch with her. So its not she who has to struggle for ratings and all. Ratings are meant for hard working people like you, but again better ratings are not meant for people like you. You will end up getting average ratings and the people who speak( show off) and entertain their managers get super ratings. If you are not smart enough to manage like them, then you should follow my foot steps and do what I have been doing for past so many years and reached this position at a very slow pace.

Do you think that Copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) are just commands that offer an easier technique for transferring data from a source to destination? Software SubbaRao shouts,” They are not just commands and they have life (my job) in them. He supported his statements saying that there has been not even a single day where he did not use them to survive in this IT industry from the past 20 years. He then quoted –“Its not just me! Almost all the jobs in software are powered by Ctrl + C and driven by Ctrl + V”.

In the beginning I used to try to complete things on my own and used to end up wasting many days and hours of time. Later I have realized that, all I need to do is append “How to” in the beginning and “name of the technology” at the end of the task being assigned and search it on Google. Your brain must not struggle with over flowing thoughts, rather you should make use of over flowing stacks and tool boxes available on internet. Rajesh, suddenly stops him and says that, “Sir, don’t you think that I know about Google and searching?” SubbaRao calms him down and says, even searching is an art and competitions are held where people struggle to dig out the actual result from the search engine result pages with over ten million results for a simple and straight keyword. You are just a fresher and you think that you could use Google like me? Software  SubbaRao  suddenly walked away from there as he had to answer an important call and abruptly stopped the discussion.

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