Frustrated IT employee swallowed ID card

A frustrated IT employee swallowed his identity card today in Bangalore where you won’t be able to find a single person without wearing a identity card.Though this incident is first of its kind,no one got shocked after listening to this news  because a week ago they heard a news saying a frustrated employee married his office laptop.He finally decided to marry his laptop as he could not find a girl (fact is that every girl rejected him for being a software engineer and also for he carrying his office laptop even to toilets).

id card of IT employees

In the beginning Prashanth (fictitious employee who swallowed ID card) was happy to work in software field.After working for 5 years he got reduced into a helpless creature wearing a tag and roaming around every block swiping his card at every entrance.He used to sleep wearing his ID card and even on weekends whenever he goes out he used to fetch for his ID card and after fetching it for an hour, he used to find himself wearing it.

Even while going to bathroom for bathing he used to wear his waterproof ID card.He used to kiss his card before doing anything as some people kiss their ring.He started dreaming about ID card and slowly started suffering from hallucination.He had a illusory perception where he sees everyone around him (even pet animals) wearing ID card even when they are not.Now he entered into the final stage of disorder where he raised a ticket in the office demanding ID card for his cubicle and for his laptop.

Why did he swallow his loving ID card?

Here’s the reason.The company in which he is working made huge profits by making employees like him work restlessly and purchased too many advanced swiping machines.The worst part is that these machines would let you in or out only if u tap your card and then place a finger to scan.The management fixed these machines even to the rest rooms. Prashanth after his long journey of swiping card and giving finger scan for 50 times before reaching his cubicle, got exhausted and walked towards rest room.Mad Prashanth got shocked seeing a swiping machine there as if it is some restricted area.The machine out there was not working and he could not get into restroom.The only option left to him was to swallow his ID card.

Just for fun!!!

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