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Reiterate meaning

Verb: reiterate

Pronunciation: (ree’i-tu,reyt)

Reiterate meaning: To say, state, or perform again.

Synonyms: ingeminate, iterate, repeat, restate, retell

reiterate meaning
To say, state or perform again

Quotations: Robert Phillips – It looks like this is going to be just reiterating the policy. If something really new or dramatic comes out of it, we could see some impact on stocks Monday. But at this point it looks like war is going to happen and the market has already pretty much discounted it.

Nick Wardell – We had a motto this week, at this time of the season, you either win state or lose your last match. I kept reiterating to my guys that they made it farther than a lot of other wrestlers. They have to be proud of that.

Alan Rifkin – While we believe Home Depot is one of the finest names in retailing, we continue to reiterate our cautious outlook on the shares, given the company’s vulnerability to a potential slowdown in the housing environment.

Saeb Erekat – President Abbas has reiterated that cutting off fund for infrastructure or the annual budget will spell a humanitarian disaster that affects all people.

Yogendra Yadav – I would see this as a game to strengthen his bargaining position in the party. I would be surprised if he reiterates the resignation.

Larry Brown – I reiterated to him that he can’t have seven, eight shots a game. He’s got to be looking to make plays. The more aggressive he is looking to take shots, the better he’ll become. I want him to take as many good shots as he can, and by doing that, he’ll create for others.

Sample sentences:

  1. He kept reiterating her request.
  2. This reiterates the view of many that a quarter point per meeting for the rest of this year is in the cards.
  3. The quarter is progressing essentially in line with what we had anticipated earlier, and therefore we are reiterating the guidance originally provided in January.
  4. They generate the majority of their revenues now from the tax programs. Perhaps they’re just reiterating their commitment to the Mac platform.
  5. I didn’t say that. I don’t know who told him that. So he was nervous about that and I understand that if that’s what he thought. So we spent 10 or 15 minutes just talking about stuff and reiterating the commitment we’ve always had.
  6. I know for a fact that I could never do what Jason did last year. I pretty much knew that before, but the past four days reiterated it.
  7. It appears that the market is ascribing little, if any, value to that unit in Continental’s share price. We view this possible development as being very favorable to Continental’s shareholders, and therefore, are reiterating our accumulate rating on the stock.
  8. We do not expect to change our (EPS) forecast for 2006 of 75.7 cents but reiterate our ‘buy’ recommendation with a raised end-2006 price target of 12 euros per share.
  9. We reiterate that the National Prosecuting Authority did its utmost to act within the law and in good faith at all times in obtaining the warrants, and conducting the searches.
  10. We’re down to the final strokes on that, but that doesn’t impede this deal with the city, because we have reiterated our pledge to cover any overruns.
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