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Queue meaning

Noun: queue

Pronunciation:  (kyoo)

Queue meaning:

queue meaning and queue.Vehicles in a queue.
Vehicles in a queue
  • A line of people or vehicles waiting for something.
  • A series of instructions that are stored in a computer so that they can be processed later.

queues, queuing, queueing, queued

Quotations: Philip Solis – There is a long queue of companies waiting to undergo the same certification process. Then, they can proceed to ‘wave 2’, covering security and quality-of-service, and when they too are certified, we can expect to see larger numbers of products actually reaching the market.

Hugh Laurie – I am terribly conscious of the fact that the world doesn’t need any more actors. There are so many brilliant actors around that one more twit like me joining the back of the queue seems completely unnecessary.

Rick Mueller – The Houston area is ground zero of the refining industry. If it suffers the scope of damage caused to refineries in Louisiana by Katrina, we could see rationing and queues at the gas pump. This is something OPEC can’t do anything to remedy.

Craig Beilinson – If you take all the functionality that you get in Windows 2000 and try to re-create that on another platform, you would have to buy several different products, from several different companies, costing more money, and they most likely haven’t even been tested to work together in an integrated fashion. With Windows 2000, you get all the functionality of a desktop operating system or a server operating system, along with an integrated Web server, transaction server and message queue server, and it’s all in one inexpensive package, designed to work seamlessly together.

Dan Shearer – That project never would have made it if the dollars weren’t available. It was at the bottom of the queue.

Sample sentences:

  1. We were forced to stand in a queue.
  2. Three jobs remain in the printer queue.
  3. There are no check-in queues to endure or traffic jams to suffer.
  4. Trackbacks will be held in a moderation queue.
  5. An Englishman, even if he is alone, forms an orderly queue of one.
  6. I remember queuing around the block in Sheffield when I was growing up. At that time, going to the cinema was really something special – there was something about the style of the real thing that is immeasurable nicer than multiplexes.
  7. This is the first of many announcements. We won’t be doing them one by one, but we have a queue of 26 behind these with confirmed testing time slots.
  8. One, we don’t need to these days. There’s a queue from the record companies, as you can probably imagine because we have 30 million people-plus each week tune in, and so we don’t need to go hunting, as it were.
  9. We have a queue going ’round the block of people who want to record with us now.
  10. I know these teams have to have an answer, and it’s time for the draft to commence and things to happen. I’ll be off the queue here in another day or two.
  11. Nineteen ships is not a whole lot of ships. Look at how quickly and efficiently these ports were able to redeploy and get that queue down.
  12. The idea behind our system is that it’s based on convenience. Nobody particularly enjoys standing in a queue, but with this system the transaction can be quite a lot quicker.
  13. The corporate bond enables us to get closer to the front of the queue.
  14. These investments are aligned with our extensive queue of projects that are scheduled to come on line between now and 2008, bringing significant new supplies of energy to U.S. and global markets.
  15. Some people saw significant waits, especially early in the day. In the beginning, there were more than 100,000 users in the general admission queue waiting to get in.
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