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Quay meaning

Noun: quay

Pronunciation: (kee)

Quay meaning: A structure usually built parallel to the shoreline or bank to provide access to ships and boats.
Synonyms: dock, wharf

quay meaning and quay. Osprey Quay image
Portland Marina, Osprey Quay – Credit :

Quotations: Per Petterson – I went up above the quay past the steps to the hotel. I saw a man through the window with a beer in his hand, and another man with a basket full of eggs. I was feeling heavy now, and tired, and I stood there leaning backwards with my hands crossed behind my back at the end of the breakwater before I walked on to the beach on the other side and some way along on the hard-frozen white sand. It had started to blow a bit, and it was still cold with no snow, so I took off my scarf and tied it round my head and ears and sat down in the shelter of a dune and blew into my hands to warm them before I lit a cigarette. Poker ran along the edge of the water with a seagull’s wing in his mouth, and I was so young then, and I remember thinking: I’m twenty-three years old, there is nothing left in life. Only the rest.

Jules Verne – On the 31st of October, at ten o’clock in the morning, the troop disembarked on the quays of Tampa Town; and one may imagine the activity which pervaded that little town, whose population was thus doubled in a single day.

Sample sentences:

  1. He docked the ferryboat at the quay to let the passengers  off.
  2. This quay was used to host the Olympic Games sailing event last year.
  3. There were vast granaries at the quay point between these two basins.
  4. There is a quay here where large ships and vessels could discharge and industrial products could be exported.
  5. That town has a beautiful park, quay and a town hall.
  6. These two inclined roads lead from the center of boulevard to the quay.
  7. A considerable area of foreshore was reclaimed to build this vast quay.
  8. On the quay stands a marble statue erected to the memory of Mahatma Gandhi.
  9. A great obstacle to the development of the port is the absence of modern mechanical appliances for loading and unloading vessels, and of quay space and dock accommodation.
  10. The quay on the harbor side was 30 feet.
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