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Quatrain meaning

Noun: quatrain

Pronunciation:  ( ‘kwó,treyn )

Quatrain meaning: A poem or verse that has four lines.

Synonyms: Stanza, verse.

Few quatrains to read :

How to kindle a fire in the soul
and burn oneself for on’s beloved
should be learnt from me
as this is one of my responsibilities

When silence comment’s on a situation.
It provokes no reaction.
The hardest heart in the deepest despair.
Surely needs that traction.

quatrain meaning and quatrain is a poem or verse that has four lines.
A poem or verse that has four lines

Quotations: David Ogilvy – Shakespeare wrote his sonnets within a strict discipline, fourteen lines of iambic pentameter, rhyming in three quatrains and a couplet. Were his sonnets dull? Mozart wrote his sonatas within an equally rigid discipline – exposition, development, and recapitulation. Were they dull?

Jeffrey Saut – I don’t pay much attention to what the Fed says because I don’t know what they mean when they say it. It’s like Nostradamus. These folks talk in quatrains. It’s kind of comical as everyone tries to dissect this stuff.

Katayama – In spite of all the progress we seem to have made, human emotions stay the same. Deep inside our hearts, we don’t change very much. This poem was written two thousand years ago or more. It’s from a time long before the quatrains and other formal styles you’ve learned in school were established. And yet, even today, we can understand the feelings of people from that time. You don’t need education or scholarship for that. These feelings can be understood by anybody, I think.

Tahir Shah – Inscribed on it was a verse from the quatrains of Omar Khayyam, the eleventh-century Persian mystic. Reading the words aloud I prepared for a most amazing journey:The sages who have compassed sea and land,Their secret to search out and understand, my mind misgives me if they ever solve the scheme on which the universe is planned.

Sample Sentences:

  1. Yuvaraj can still remember reading the opening quatrain of The Death of the Bird for the first time.
  2. The third quatrain plays on the reciprocity of mirroring.
  3. The composition also consists of 3 rhyming quatrain stanzas .
  4. Of course, discord among family members is as common as touching instances of brotherly or sisterly love. The quatrain of seven steps.Borne are we of the same root, brothers two; should you now burn me with such disregard?
  5. The parodist who wrote the following newspaper quatrain was no enemy of the automobile in spite of his cynicism.
  6. His passenger, to whom the old schoolbook quatrain was entirely unknown, wondered what on earth the man was talking about.
  7. We need to divide the content into quatrains.
  8. I will not belabor the relevant quatrain interpretations here that are in my book.
  9. We need to rearrange the quatrains according to the sequence specified by the lecturer.
  10. She has a habit of writing in quatrains.
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