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Obfuscate meaning

Verb: obfuscate

Pronunciation: (,ob-fu’skeyt)

Obfuscate meaning: To make obscure or unclear.To make more difficult to understand.

Synonyms: confuse, becloud, blur

obfuscate meaning is To make more difficult to understand.Obscure and unclear. obfuscate.
To make more difficult to understand.Obscure and unclear.

Derived forms: obfuscated, obfuscates, obfuscating

Quotations: Nell Minow – You’re supposed to tell the truth and be open and transparent and candid about your prospects and not obfuscate.

Joe Barton – You’ve done not a darn thing except to obfuscate and not obey the subpoenas of this committee.

Richard Butler – The only reason it’s taken so long, is that from day one, Iraq dragged its feet, sought to conceal and obfuscate and keep us away from the things we have the legal right to find.

Mark Leibovich – To cover politics in Washington allows you to live in the very, very wide gap between what the actual truth is, and how people are trying to manipulate the truth. They speak in the language of spin, obsequiousness, obfuscation. The meta of politics is just this endless source of material that can shed light on the psychology of the process.

Melissa Gilbert – My mother, whom I love dearly, has continually revised my life story within the context of a complicated family history that includes more than the usual share of divorce, step-children, dysfunction, and obfuscation. I’ve spent most of my adult life attempting to deconstruct that history and separate fact from fiction.

Sample sentences:

  1. Reputation is based on network parameters that are almost impossible to obfuscate.
  2. Irrelevant matters only serve to obfuscate the fundamental issue of guilt or innocence.
  3. We need to protect and obfuscate our project source files.
  4. There’s legislation that we want to get done, unless politics completely obfuscates the ability to get things done, we’re going to stay here.
  5. Whether I’m trying to figure out what the U.S. military is doing in Latin America or Africa, Afghanistan or Qatar, the response is remarkably uniform – obstruction and obfuscation, hurdles and hindrances. In short, the good old-fashioned military run around.
  6. That’s what bitter people did. Pointed the finger and blamed others. Obfuscation was a way of hiding from their own shortcomings and wounds.
  7. To obfuscate the reconstruction of the effect – when a magician is fooled by another magician doing magic. In my career that’s not been the major passion, but it’s been the passion of a number of my mentors. The crowning achievement for them would be to create magic good enough to fool other magicians.
  8. Clearly, one can obfuscate one’s ideas with a compiler language but it’s harder. To some extent one is talking about what one wants rather than how one wants to do it. The trouble with machine code, of course, is that when you look at a random section of machine code you don’t know what properties of the instructions the programmer really wanted to exploit.
  9. Political realism is aware of the moral significance of political action. It is also aware of the ineluctable tension between the moral command and the requirements of successful political action. And it is unwilling to gloss over and obliterate that tension and thus to obfuscate both the moral and the political issue by making it appear as though the stark facts of politics were morally more satisfying than they actually are, and the moral law less exacting than it actually is.
  10. Life has a tendency to obfuscate and bewilder,Such as fating us to spend the first part of our lives being embarrassed by our parents and the last part being embarrassed by our childer.
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