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Lentigo meaning

Noun: lentigo

Pronunciation: (len’tI-gow)

Lentigo meaning:

  • A small brownish spot (of the pigment melanin) on the skin


Synonyms: freckle

meaning of lentigo
Derived forms: lentigines


Clay Aiken – I like to talk. I’m a terrible dancer. I love my hometown. I have lentiginous face and over sized ears. I’m a geeks. I have tried not to hide who I am or what matters to me.

Sample sentences:

  1. He is a plain guy with a lentiginous face.
  2. I had lentigo, a bad haircut and worst dressing style.
  3. In the past the root was eaten and the herb has been used to remove freckles.
  4. A face without lentigo is like a night without stars.
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