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Knoll meaning


Pronunciation: (no`wl)

Knoll meaning:

  • A small round hill
  • We passed round a knoll to find a group of locals in the field.
  • That’s just a diversion tactic on her part. I’m surprised they haven’t accused the clubs of being on the grassy knoll in Dallas.
  • Whoever was on the grassy knoll in 63 shot better than we did.
  • We have descended the knoll and started walking towards the town to relax.
  • Soldiers were standing on the grassy knoll to direct the remaining men.
  • The buccaneer pointed towards a knoll where other troops were seen. We were alert and tried to handle the situation in best possible manner.
  • The knoll we came across was as steep as a wall. We tried to ascent it though.
  • She saw below the knoll waiting for us to bring some food for her. She is starving out there.
  • We have spent this evening on that small knoll and we have carried a camping stove to cook some food as well.
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