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Jubilant meaning

Adjective: jubilant

Pronunciation: (joo-bu-lunt)

Jubilant meaning:

  • Joyful and very proud especially because of triumph or success.
  • Full of high spirited delight.
  • I’m just so exhausted that it’s hard to be jubilant.
  • Breast and bosoms I have known of varied shapes and sizes from poignant disappointments to jubilant surprises.
  • We’re deeply grateful that the celebrations were both jubilant and peaceful, here and all around the world.
  • We usually have a 24 hour rule to celebrate or pout after a game. We moved the clock up a little bit. They were jubilant on the floor, but by the time we got back to the locker room, they were looking at me like what do we need to do next.
  • They’re very happy to hear from her – jubilant, joyful.
  • We’re jubilant. The pro-life movement just couldn’t be more energized at this moment in history.
  • What is there to be jubilant about? We have a Supreme Court that has been essentially lawless in so many respects for decades now, and a lot of work has to be done to restore it to its proper role.
  • I’m just so exhausted that it’s hard to be jubilant.
  • She has a jubilant heart.
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