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Jaunt meaning

Verb: jaunt

Pronunciation: (jont)

Jaunt meaning:Make a trip for pleasure or a journey taken for pleasure.

Synonyms: excursion, expedition, travel, trip, outing

jaunt meaning and jaunt is journey taken for pleasure

Verb: jaunt

Jaunt meaning: Make a trip for pleasure

Derived forms: jaunts, jaunted, jaunting

Quotations: Pete Wentz – It’s something we’ve always wanted to do as a band, just a quick jaunt through VFW halls and venues like that. We’d announce the show the night before or maybe play under some secret names. And we thought it would be cool because we don’t feel like any band has gotten to a certain size and still gone on a VFW hall tour. So we’d like to play a couple of dates on the East Coast. Watch out for it.

Ben Rose – It’s kind of jarring to have to pop out after a jaunt in the woods and have to walk along a busy road. It’s hard on the feet and it isn’t really what the Long Trail is about.

Eric Dudley – It’s pretty accessible to hop over to Main Street. Or a little further jaunt downtown to some of the bars there, like Nicholson’s or Bella.

Bill Smith – Crystal Cruises has individually crafted each European cruise itinerary to provide a rich combination of destinations with more overnight stays and more time in ports. Whether taking a shorter seven-day jaunt or combining several unique cruises to create the ultimate European exploration, luxury travelers will enjoy the grandeur of Europe and the warmth and luxury of the Crystal experience.

  • A day’s jaunt in the lost jungle turned out to be deadly.
  • Hyderabad ended a 2 weeks jaunt beginning with cultural event at hi-tech city.
  • They have jaunted on the beach last evening.
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