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Faze meaning

Verb: faze

Pronunciation: (feyz)

Faze meaning: Disturb the composure of or to cause to feel afraid or uncertain.

Synonyms: enervate, rattle, unnerve, abash, confound, discomfit, disconcert, fluster, mortify, nonplus

faze meaning
Kids should not faze her at all!

Quotations: Alan Trammell – It’s not unfamiliar for me to come into a situation where you’re not expected to win the World Series. I’m not afraid to work. I like working with young players. That part doesn’t faze me all.

Jason Spezza – It’s out of your control, so it won’t be crushing if he’s not picked. It will be disappointing. All you can do is go out and play. I feel good about how I’ve played and how the team’s done. The most important thing is the team’s winning and I’m the top centre on the first-place team in the league. That’s what’s most important. It definitely won’t faze me so much that it would hinder my play.

Bob McDonald – The president living here does not faze me a bit. You can endure a lot. It’s really a matter of putting on a protest peacefully and respectfully. If these protesters could do that, it’d be fine.

Jimmy Balderson – With our style of playing run and gun, we’re going to have teams make runs at us. They made three 3-pointers in a row on us and it didn’t faze us. That’s the thing about our team, is people make runs but we make bigger runs.

Ed Pultz – I give a lot of credit to these girls because nothing really fazed them the whole game. We pushed the lead, they cut back into it, but they just kept their composure the whole time.

Sample sentences:

  1. If it’s their first tournament game, some kids do have the butterflies in the stomach. The guys that have been there before, it doesn’t faze them.
  2. These guys don’t faze me. We’ve had a great year.
  3. I faced Chris Carpenter in my last start, and he’s probably going to win the Cy Young Award, so it didn’t faze me at all. But I’m going to cherish this for a long time.
  4. They’ve been so solid, I don’t think we’ll faze them. This is one of those years where the only team that can beat Georgia is Georgia themselves. But man, wouldn’t it be fun.
  5. Chris is a great player. There’s stuff going on in front of him that’s changing, and it doesn’t faze him.
  6. They’ve got all the pieces and they’re coming here with all the confidence in the world. That’s why they can go to a place like Louisville and not get fazed by their surroundings and come away with a victory. We’ll have our hands full.
  7. This is one of the most resilient teams I’ve been on. Whether we get shut out, whether we lose, whether we win this team the next day, it doesn’t faze them.
  8. He came into camp stronger than he was a year ago. And he’s having a variety of holders and it still doesn’t seem to faze him. He’s had a very, very good camp.
  9. He doesn’t act like he’s 22. I think the one thing about him is every time he goes out there, he’s going to get better and better. He was thrown right into a role, and he’s done an unbelievable job. He doesn’t let anything faze him.
  10. Not many things faze him on the football field. If he can handle a situation like that, he can handle anything on the football field.
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