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Eyry meaning

Noun: eyry

Eyry meaning:

  • The lofty nest of a bird of prey (such as a hawk or eagle)

meaning of eyry

Synonyms: aerie, aery, eyrie 

  • Any habitation at a high altitude

Synonyms: aerie, aery, eyrie


  1. Sir Walter Scott- Where shall he find, in foreign land, So lone a lake, so sweet a strand! There is no breeze upon the fern. No ripple on the lake. Upon her eyry nods the erne. The deer has sought the brake; The small birds will not sing aloud. The springing trout lies still. So darkly glooms yon thunder-cloud. That swathes, as with a purple shroud

Sample sentences:

  1. It’s difficult to find eyry in sentences.
  2. The predators of some animals are just the correct size for eagle prey, so avoid active eyries.

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