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Aqueduct meaning


Noun: aqueduct Pronunciation: (‘ak-wu,du`kt) Aqueduct meaning : a structure like a bridge that incorporates a canal or pipes for carrying water across a valley. Passage in a part or organ Synonyms : canal, conduit, waterway, …

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Intrepid meaning


Adjective: intrepid  Pronunciation: (in’tre-pid) Intrepid meaning: fearless; adventurous or characterized by fortitude ( fortitude= strength of mind that helps a person to face danger, pain or trouble) Synonyms : audacious, bold, fearless, gutsy, brave, lionhearted, …

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Joust meaning

Description: Jousting is a martial game or hastilude between two horsemen and using lances, often as part of a tournament. The primary aim is to strike the opponent with the lance while riding towards him at high speed, if possible …

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Altar meaning /Alter meaning

Noun: altar Pronunciation: (ol-tu) Altar meaning: the holy place in a temple, especially the holy table in a church or to represent a sacred/Nobel cause. Synonym: communion table Quotations : Queen Victoria –  I feel sure that …

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Ascent meaning

Noun: ascent Pronunciation: (u’sent) Ascent meaning: Climbing, moving up or going up An upward slope or grade William Gurnall – Justifying faith is not a naked assent to the truths of the gospel. Mohandas Gandhi – …

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Gormless meaning


Adjective: gormless  Pronunciation: (gorm-lus) Gormless meaning : (informal) lacking intelligence, vitality, often implying lack of capacity of will to remedy the condition. Naive and innocent to the point of foolishness. Synonyms: gaumless, stupid, foolish Its time to …

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Languish meaning


Verb: languish Pronunciation: (lang-gwish) Languish meaning : To become weak, feeble or lose vigor, pine away Have a desire for something or someone who is not present Joshua Feinman – If the economy roars back, you …

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Aurora meaning

Noun: aurora Pronunciation: (o’ro-ru) Aurora meaning: The first light of day. Synonyms: daybreak, first light, sunrise, cockcrow More specific words: aurora australis ( southern lights), aurora borealis (northern lights) . Origin: Roman mythology- goddess of the dawn;   …

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Camouflage meaning

Verb: camouflage Pronunciation: (‘ka-mu,flaazh) Camouflage meaning: It is an act of concealment by means of disguise or with paints or foliage. Exploit the natural surroundings to disguise something. Origin: French ~ camoufler to disguise. Synonyms: disguise, …

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