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How To Check if Website is Safe?

How To Check if Website is Safe?

Most of us are ardent Internet enthusiasts and I am one among you. So we usually keep ourselves busy in googling, downloading etc. While doing this you may come across thousands of websites being displayed in the search results.Believe me all the websites displayed in the search results are not going to help you. The long list include good ones, spams, sites with Trojans and virus etc. So before proceeding further you have to decide which website is the best
And also many of the users use e-Commerce websites for online shopping, sites for making money online etc. All these sites involve monetary transactions. Knowing the best and safest website is the utmost priority for the user. Using unreliable sites involve heavy risk of getting phished. As i have mentioned above deciding which website is the best is mandatory.
But how to check which website is reliable and trustable?
Here in this article i am going to list out some tools which can help you in judging the websites.

1. Virustotal


Virustotal is an online free service which is used for detecting suspicious stuff. The dataset of Virustotal is very huge and its UI is simple. It allows the user to scan either a file or any URL. The Virustotal API allows you to upload the file and scan it, submit URL and scan it and also you can access finished scan reports and make comments on URLs and files. User can also scan files by sending them as Email attachments and receive the scan results in their mail. But this option is not recommended since the files received by mail are set to lower priority and hence the scan results will not be delivered immediately.

Virustotal extension is available for almost all browsers and it reduces the scanning process significantly. User can download files directly from Virustotal’s web application and scan it.

Download link for Virustotal extension(for chrome/firefox/IE): Click here

2. Web Of Trust(WOT)

WOT is another tool which can help you in finding trustable sites. The main parameter used in this website is User Review. Any user who uses WOT can give their experience of the website and based on the users feedback, websites are categorized into 3 types-Good websites, Bad websites and Poor websites. And these three are represented by blue, yellow and red circles respectively. This tool takes a lot of information including user reviews, rating components into account before categorizing the website into any one of the three category.



Download Link for WOT add-on : Click Here

3. Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web is also a free online tool owned by Symantec. It allows you to enter the URL which is to be judged and the nature of the site is displayed. This tool also has a toolbar which scans the website and let you know how safe the website is even before you view it.

norton safe web

Download Link for Norton Safe web : Click Here

Remember you can get a clue about the website just by seeing it. A good and reliable website has a good design with all its content present in a systematic and structured way. A reliable website would also display the theme and its purpose in a clear style. Other than this, you can take the help of the above tools to make sure that the website in question is safe.



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