Google Takes Off Low Quality Apps From Play Store

As we all know that the number of apps in the play store are increasing rapidly but the quality of the apps is not going up. As of now, the total number of applications and games in play store are nearly 8,00,000. Recently, Google has cut down nearly 60,000 low quality apps from its play store, according to the reports.


This figure is provided by an online publication which keeps track of these apps anonymously. Google does not discloses these figures publicly. Some of the apps might have been pulled by the publishers themselves but most of them are brought down by the Google.

The report also claims that most of the apps mostly from music/mp3 category have been violating google copyright policies. Like in Apple, publishers need not approve their apps before publishing in Google play store but the company frequently scans its app store to find out the apps which violates the company rules.


Apps like AdBlock Plus, AdAway that allow the users to block the advertisements while watching videos on youtube or while browsing the web, have been deleted by the Google.

Before publishing app in Play Store visit this Developer Distribution Agreement

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