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Words starting with O

Oar meaning

oar meaning

Noun: oar Pronunciation: (or) Oar meaning: An implement used to propel or steer a boat. Usually a long pole that is flat and wide at one end. Verb: oar Meaning: To propel using oars. Synonyms: …

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Osseous meaning

Adjective: osseous Pronunciation: (o`-see-us) Osseous meaning: Composed of bone; capable of forming bone; bony or full of bones. Synonyms: bony, osteal Quotations:  Robertson Davies – A big man is always accused of gluttony, whereas a …

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Ovoid meaning

ovoid morphing lights - ovoid meaning

Adjective: ovoid Pronunciation: (ow,voyd) Ovoid meaning:  Having the shape of an egg or resembling an egg in shape. Synonyms: egg-shaped, elliptical, oval, oval-shaped, oviform Noun: ovoid Ovoid meaning: An egg-shaped object Quotations:  The Medicinal Plants …

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