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Words starting with D

Dubious meaning

dubious meaning

Adjective: dubious Pronunciation: (d(y)oo-bee-us) Dubious meaning: Fraught with uncertainty or doubt. Open to doubt or suspicion. Not convinced. Synonyms: doubtful,questionable,dubitable Quotations: Hannah Arendt – The more dubious and uncertain an instrument violence has become in international relations, …

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Duplex meaning

duplex meaning

Adjective: duplex Pronunciation: (‘d(y)oo,pleks) Duplex meaning: (telecommunication) allowing communication in opposite directions simultaneously. (used technically of a device or process) having two parts. Synonyms: multiple, bidirectional Noun: duplex Meaning: An apartment having rooms on two …

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Domicile meaning

domicile meaning

Noun: domicile Pronunciation: (‘do-mi,sI(-u)l) Domicile meaning:  the residence where you have your permanent home or principal establishment and to where,whenever you are absent,you intend to return. House that someone is living in. Synonyms: legal residence,abode,dwelling,habitation,home …

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Daunt meaning

rebuke meaning

Verb: daunt Pronunciation: (dont) Daunt meaning: To make someone afraid or less confident. to lessen the courage or cause to lose courage. Synonyms: frighten away, scare off, intimidate, discourage, demoralize, dishearten, dismay Quotations: Charles Dickens – A heart well …

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Daydream meaning

daydream meaning

Verb: daydream Pronunciation: (dey,dreem) Daydream meaning: Have a daydream; indulge in a fantasy. Have dreamlike musings or fantasies while awake. Synonyms: dream, stargaze, woolgathering Quotations: Neil Gaiman – You get ideas from daydreaming. You get …

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Dead duck meaning

dead duck meaning

Noun: dead duck Pronunciation: (ded duk) dead duck meaning: A person or thing that is certain to fail, suffer, or be punished. Something doomed to failure. Synonyms: failure Quotations:  Lyndell Zanotti – She was a dead …

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Deluge meaning

deluge meaning

Noun: deluge Pronunciation: (del-yooj) Deluge meaning: A heavy rain or an overwhelming number or amount. A situation in which a large area of land becomes completely covered with water. The rising of  a body of …

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Demoniac meaning

demoniac meaning

Adjective: demoniac Pronunciation:  (de’mow-nee,ak) Demoniac meaning: Frenzied, out of control or influenced by a demon. Synonyms: demoniacal, demonic, devilish Noun: demoniac Meaning: Someone who acts as if possessed by a demon. Synonyms: monster, demon, devil, ogre Quotations: …

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Declivity meaning

abate meaning

Noun: declivity Pronunciation: (di’kli-vu-tee) Declivity meaning: downward inclination a descending slope or bend Synonyms: declension, decline, descent, downhill, hang Quotations: John Playfair – Every river appears to consist of a main trunk, fed from a variety of branches, …

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Destitute meaning

destitute meaning

Adjective: Destitute Pronunciation:  (des-ti,t(y)oot) Destitute meaning: Extremely poor. Lacking something that is needed or wanted.Lacking possessions and resources. Synonyms: beggared, impoverished, famished, necessitous, impecunious Quotations: Lord Acton – Property is not the sacred right. When a rich …

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